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Events - 2018

We hope your winter was filled with good health, warm temperatures, and good fortune. Spring is right around the corner and you will be heading to Polson soon. Drive safely because you do not want to miss any of the fun filled summer events at Eagle Nest RV Resort.

We have several events planned for the summer - there should be something for everyone to do and enjoy. Here’s what we have planned for a fun-filled summer. Events will be held at the ‘happy hour’ time unless otherwise posted.

Of course, we have happy hour every day at 4:30 – a chance to meet new friends, connect with each other, tell stories and just relax! Throughout June, July and August we may have a Margarita Night (or martinis or wine tasting or …). Don’t forget the annual Eagle Nest RV golf tourney held at the end of August. More about that as the summer goes on.

We’re looking forward to another great summer – we hope you are too!

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